Sunday, June 26, 2016

The new ADR

So Mike and I have decided to resurrect this site as a place to discuss crime fiction in all its forms. We'll be posting interviews, reviews, thought pieces, and magazine-style articles on a regular basis.

Please send us stuff (check out the submissions page). We're open to anything non-fiction about the crime genre.

Here's what we'll be posting in the near future:
-- Matt Phillips talks about how The Deer Hunter is a classic example of post war American noir.

-- I just finished reading Patricia Highsmith's Tom Ripley series in completely the wrong order. Someone posted on social media a while back that it was refreshing to read about Ripley because he's a smart criminal--unlike the morons who tend to populate crime fiction today. I address this question of whether or not Ripley is smart.

-- Mike Monson interviews Stan Miller, whose debut novel Prelude to the Massacre will be released on July 15. This book is one of the craziest fucking things I've ever read.

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