Sunday, December 7, 2014

ADR Magazine Sales Numbers

I saw a blog post recently in which a short story writer guessed that about 100 people would read any short story he published. I saw another blog post a while back in which a writer guessed that a particular magazine only sold 50 copies per issue.

I used to do the same thing--guess at how many people had a read a given story I had written, usually based on the number of comments at the end of the story or, I don't know, nothing. There's not a wealth of info out there.

I've put together the following stats on sales for the first three ADR issues. I'll have numbers for issues 4 and 5 in the spring.

Issue #1: Released November 2013. Sold 608 ebooks and 36 print copies.
This is our bestselling issue. I'm not exactly sure why. We lowered the price to 99 cents back in the spring, so that may have something to do with it.

Issue #2: Released February 2014. Sold 254 ebooks and 36 print copies. Free promo 206.
This one was at $2.99 much longer than the first issue. The free promo was great for getting magazines into the hands of readers. But we saw a big drop off in sales following the five-day promo. Since then we've dropped the price to $1.99, which has boosted sales some.

Issue #3: Release June 2014. Sold 126 ebooks and 24 print copies. Free promo 151.
More or less the same as issue 2.

I can confidently say that if we publish your story, far more than 50 or 100 people will read it. In fact, the average so far is 479 total copies distributed per issue. Even issue 3, which has been out less than six months, has 300 copies out in the world.

Still, it would be nice if there were some way to crack the top hundred on Kindle. Guess I'll have to turn ADR into the leading periodical for gay, billionaire dinosaur porn

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