Monday, November 17, 2014

OUT NOW: Two Bullets Solve Everything

Two noir novellas for the price two.

(Yeah, you heard me!)

In Disco Rumble Fish, author Ryan Sayles rewinds to the 1970s, when Richard Buckner rolled with the city's SWAT team. Tasked with finding a criminal associated with a mobster's violent jailbreak, Buckner and company prove there's nowhere to hide when you kill one of their own.

In Chris Rhatigan's A Pack of Lies, newspaper reporter Lionel Kaspar is out to find the truth and advocate for social justice. Just kidding. He's a scam artist of the lowest order out to make a quick buck off of whoever crosses his path. But the comfortable niche he's created for himself is about to be crushed.

We hope to make this part of a series of double features. Check it out now at Amazon US and UK

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