Sunday, October 5, 2014

ADR Books to begin publishing the Selena novels by Greg Barth!!

For us, Greg Barth's creation Selena is the perfect pulp heroine. She is a stripper, a whore, an alcoholic who needs to pass a breathalyzer test before she can start her car (unless she can find someone nearby to blow it for her if she has to make a quick getaway while drunk), a drug addict, a drug dealer -- you know, all the fun things. Plus, she is addicted to violent, bloody revenge and is very handy with a sawed-off shotgun. 

Barth self-published the first two novellas in the Selena revenge saga: Selena, and Hostility, and both are just about as perfectly pulpy as you can get. Sexy, violent (often just completely gory), with just the worst kind of bad guys. 

So, we contacted Mr. Barth and found out that he has three more Selena books on the way before the story is complete. And, we ... uh, made him an ... offer and, guess what? He has taken Selena and Hostility off the market and we are going to publish them! Yeah. And, then, we will put out the 3rd, 4th and 5th novellas before finally publishing all five together in both print and ebook. 

Look for the first three early next year and then the next two soon thereafter, followed by the all-in-one edition some time next summer. 

Watch out -- Selena is coming for you and her Savage-Stevens 12 gauge double-barrels are loaded and the safety is off. 

(this isn't her, it's a still from Rider On The Rain, but you get the idea)

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