Saturday, September 13, 2014

FREE: Wake Up, Time to Die by Chris Rhatigan

I'm not sure if weird crime is a real genre or a genre I made up. There are some writers who seem to play in this sandbox sometimes--Jordan Krall, Jon Konrath, and Chuck Wendig come to mind.

Anyway, I'm calling my new collection weird crime.

We've got Furby with an assault rifle, a guy who murders his neighbor and seemlessly takes over his picture-perfect life, an office worker who randomly decides to become a hit man, and a dude who wakes up to find a guy pointing a gun at his face who refuses to reveal information about why this is happening.

Oh yeah, and a surgeon charged with the task of stitching Spencer Pratt's head back onto his neck.

And right now Wake Up, Time to Die, is free. Big thanks to David Cranmer from BEAT to a PULP for publishing this.

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