Tuesday, September 2, 2014

All Due Respect Books nabs Rob Pierce's dark crime novel: Uncle Dust

We got it.

Uncle Dust, Rob Pierce's episodic novel about career criminal Dustin, is ours. Yes!

Rob Pierce 

Dustin loves to rob banks. Dustin loves to drink. Dustin loves his women. Dustin loves loyalty. He might even love his adopted nephew Jeremy. And, he sometimes gets a little too enthusiastic in his job doing collections for local bookies--so, sometimes, he loves to hurt people. Told in the first person, Uncle Dust is a fascinating look inside the mind of a hard, yet very complicated criminal. You've never read anything quite like this, we guarantee it. 

Due out late 2014, or very early 2015. 

Rob Pierce is the editor of Swill Magazine, has been nominated for a Derringer Award for short crime fiction, and has had his stories published in numerous magazines with cool, bloody names. He is married and the father of two, although he won’t say which two.

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