Monday, September 22, 2014

All Due Respect Books acquires CS DeWildt's rural crime novel: Love You To A Pulp

Oh yes, we just keep getting the good stuff. 

We are so so pleased to announce that we've acquired the new novel by CS DeWildt, author of the literary crime novella Candy and Cigarettes, the Bartleby Snopes flash novel The Louisville Problem, and the much-acclaimed short story collection Dead Animals. 

Love You to a Pulp is the story of Neil Chambers, a glue-sniffing private dick living and working in the small town of Brownsville. The book's chapters alternate between a complicated case of greed and sexual obsessions taking place in the present with stories of Neil's violent and tragic boyhood. 

Like all of DeWildt's fiction, it depicts the utter awfulness of people as well as the abject ugliness of their environments in a profoundly beautiful way. 

Should be out mid-January 2015. 

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