Tuesday, August 19, 2014

REVIEW: Federales by Chris Irvin

Mexican Federal Agent Marcos Camarena is a dedicated, but very human, public servant. After having his fill of the rampant corruption and violence he witnesses every day, he leaves his job. He's busy drinking himself silly when he gets a call offering him a job he needs. But this job's not an easy one--protecting a politician who's intent on cracking down on the drug cartels and  has no desire to have a bodyguard.

Federales, from One Eye Press, is a fast-paced, hardboiled story with an insider's understanding of Mexican politics and problems. Despite the thriller pacing, Irvin creates likeable, interesting characters who you'll be rooting for in spite of their flaws. This is a highly engaging, well-written novella that you can finish in an afternoon.

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