Friday, July 4, 2014

REVIEW: Thuglit Issue 11

I'm going to come right out and say it: This is the best single issue of a crime magazine that I've read. Thuglit is always excellent, but Issue 11 is about perfect, right down to the artful formatting and cover--and that there isn't a single proofreading error. (All of this is testament to the work of editors Todd Robinson, Allison Glasgow, and Julie McCarron.)

This was one of six books I ordered that were waiting for me when I returned to the States. That's a pretty exclusive list--the vast majority of my reading material is electronic because I live in India and the (English language) crime fiction available on the subcontinent is limited.

Anyway, this one was just a joy to read. While Thuglit consistently publishes strong work, every story in here is memorable.

Matthew McBride opens with the disturbing, graphic, and tight-as-a-fucking drum "Sounding." I've long been a fan of McBride's straight forward style and can't wait to read his new book, A Swollen Red Sun. 

Another favorite is Angel Luis Colón's "Dinner Rush," about a chef trying to maintain his vision despite the moron he works with. Colón has quickly established himself on the crime fiction scene--I'm interested in whatever he's writing. Same goes for Jessica Adams, who has a wonderful, original entry in "Black Pearls."

I also really dug Scott Grand's " A Bottle of Scotch and a Buck Knife." Writing from a kid's perspective is challenging--especially in a crime story--but Grand pulls it off, crafting a believable and compelling story about friendship, tradition, and justice.

But I could have written about any story in this issue--it's that good. I strongly recommend that you not only buy, read, and love this issue, but that you get it in print

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