Friday, July 25, 2014

REVIEW: Stranger Danger by Kevin Strange and Danger Slater

Stranger Danger is a two-novella book with two versions of the bizarro apocalypse.

In Kevin Strange's Computerface, an asshole movie critic wakes up to discover that his face has, in fact, been replaced by an iPad. And, oh by the way, robots have completely taken over the world. The few remaining humans left are battling for their lives, while the robots are insistent on torturing them in the most sadistic way possible.

Strange's vision of the world is remarkably clear and detailed--you can feel the earth crumbling around you as giant robots squash everything in their paths. This is an epic journey, filled with action and gore, told at a frantic pace.

Danger Slater's Roadvolution starts with the inner monologue of an arrogant corporate clone, Marc, drooling over his car. But his confidence is about to go down the shitter when every highway, bridge, and tunnel on the east coast becomes a sentient machine of ass kicking, determined to destroy mankind. Marc teams up with a punk rocker chick who he hate/loves, a mechanic named Beowulf, and a few other misfits, the group scrambling to survive.

This one has all the humor and style I've come to expect from Slater from books like Love Me and DangeRAMA. Dude could write a diner menu and I'd read it. Luckily, instead he's written a compelling take on the apocalypse with a wacky cast of characters. And an ending I didn't seem coming at all, but was really cool.

Anyway, Stranger Danger is immensely entertaining, original, and highly recommended.

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