Tuesday, June 17, 2014

REVIEW: Tentacle Death Trip by Jordan Krall

My two main fiction interest are crime (duh) and bizarro. Most of the time, these two interests don't intersect. I'm not under the impression that most crime fans are big fans of, say, Tao Lin or Sam Pink.

But Jordan Krall's the kind of author more crime fans should try, and the wild, original Tentacle Death Trip is a good gateway drug.

It's the post-apocalyptic American future, a Mad Max nuke wasteland of mutants, criminals, religious freaks, and a few hard-core survivors. A sadistic billionaire decides to throw a bone to the bloodthirsty masses in the form of a no-rules race to the death through New Jersey.

From there it's a balls-to-the-wall pulp fest. I mean, the characters are named things like Mama Hell (a bible thumper ready to exact God's Old-Testament wrath on any asshole man who gets in her way) and Drac (a glass-skulled sociopath in a tentacled car). One hundred percent badass.

Yet the end of the book--when the characters who survive the death race reach the lost city of R'lyeh--is genuine, beautiful, and cathartic.

This is the third Krall book I've read--along with Squid Pulp Blues and Squid Kills--and I'd highly recommend any of them to fans of bizarro or pulp. 

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